Author: Holli Harms

Fish Men

“Fish Men” is a thinking person’s play. It has a direct correlation to what is happening in our world today: vengeance, worldwide genocide, religious and government damnation and retribution…

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In YEN it is the quiet, painful moments of longing where the writer, actors and director all shine. That light is the light we hold up in darker moments for direction and hope.

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Richard Greenberg is a master of word wars. Intelligent, clever word wars! As we ruminate in the mire of writer’s block with all the characters, he uses his words to entice riots of religious ideologies, of lives lived simple and the beauty of that simplicity, of writers blocks in living life and writing and being. …but – we want emotional connections – especially when there is so much promise – emotionally we were left stranded on the boarding platform, hoping for another train to come our way.

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