Author: Holli Harms

Party Face

Isobel Mahon has written a funny agile play about what and how women manage their way through life and friendships. and how, in the managing and navigating of others, we often find that we have lost ourselves along the way.

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Office Hour

…We are sensitive to that hamster wheel of violence, of the loner. Is there a way to change it? Cho poses the question and attempts with this play to say, “Maybe.”

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Diary Of A Madman

Gogol’s Diary of A Madman, directed by Eugene Lazare now playing at The American Theatre of Actors is a triumph of acting for Ilia Volok. Up the two flights of stairs to the small unassuming theatre is a performance of beauty and intensity.

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The Home Place

The New York World Premiere of Brian Friel’s THE HOME PLACE is a must see for all those who love theatre and the importance of language crafted by a master.

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