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Do we need this caution light to shine on us? No. We got it. But if you want to be reminded of what you are fighting for, marching for, then the play will do exactly that, remind you of the facts of the fight.

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Twelfth Night

Mobile Unit’s TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare and directed by Saheem Ali is devil-may-care production, hysterically funny, rapid fire acting at a neck breaking pace and that is all for free.

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THE LIGHTNING THIEF: The Percy Jackson Musical

You wanna see a show that is completely INNOVATIVE and INSPIRING, where you can share the experience with your children, where after you can go for sushi and discuss how good you feel, how much FUN you just had, how you have to make sure that all your friends and their children GO AND SEE it and feel the same great way you do

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We all know the story, remember the images of the birds, the gulls and pelicans, the turtles and other sea life covered in oil. We remember the oil spread across the Gulf of Mexico, a coating of slime and gunk destroying everything around it and beneath it, as the winds pushed it closer and closer to shore.

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If I Forget

The play flies by on the wings of lightning and thunder due to the smart, fast, clever, hilarious dialogue of Steven Levenson, the carefully choreographed staging of Daniel Sullivan and the amazing performances of this ensemble. Everyone is perfect…

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