Author: Holli Harms

Office Hour

…We are sensitive to that hamster wheel of violence, of the loner. Is there a way to change it? Cho poses the question and attempts with this play to say, “Maybe.”

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Diary Of A Madman

Gogol’s Diary of A Madman, directed by Eugene Lazare now playing at The American Theatre of Actors is a triumph of acting for Ilia Volok. Up the two flights of stairs to the small unassuming theatre is a performance of beauty and intensity.

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The Home Place

The New York World Premiere of Brian Friel’s THE HOME PLACE is a must see for all those who love theatre and the importance of language crafted by a master.

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In Alexandra Spencer-Jones’s intense and erotic production of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE we are catapulted into the world of Alex and his Droogs and their insatiable appetite for everything violent.

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Bloomsday Breakfast

What better way to start a June 16th then listening to the likes of Honor Molloy, Aedin Moloney, Terry Donnelly and Fiona Walsh reading from Joyce’s Ulysses.

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