Author: Holli Harms


You know when you hear a piece of music that fills you up, where your limbs feel lighter, your heart soars, where you are transported back to a time, where all that lies ahead are possibilities and potentials? Where you know if you jump up and out you will be flying? Well that’s The Mobile Unit ROMEO AND JULIET.

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House Rules

Ralph B Pena direction is sharp, swift and fun, and along with Reid Thompson’s set they have created a sprawling maze of rooms that allow for the rat-a-tat-tat rhythmic pacing from scene to scene that moves HOUSE Rules along. The cast is fierce and unstoppable.

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SHOPTALK is a casual, intimate Q&A between Vertigo community members and invited guests. Each meetup features a select producer, director, writer, actor, designer, or other artistic professional. Shoptalk invites guests to share both their professional expertise and their personal stories in order to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of emerging artists. Typically held around a dining table, this presentation will be the first time these intimate conversations are opened up to a broader public

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The Royale

Director Rachel Chavkin has set the pace for Marco Ramirez’s play, “The Royale”, with claps and stomps, creating visceral partners between words and movement and making us the plays sparring partner. Her brilliant staging, mustered with Ramirez’s exquisite story and the flowing connection of this marvelous cast is like watching a jazz band riff off of each other. They are flying and we get to fly with them.

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