Author: Donna Herman

The Edge of Our Bodies

I had a unique experience at Adam Rapp’s The Edge of Our Bodies.  The audience, myself included, couldn’t figure out if the play was over.  The actors didn’t come out for a curtain call, and when the polite applause died down, everyone sat quietly.  For several long minutes, until one brave young woman got up and dashed towards the door.  A low rumble of uneasy laughter flitted through the rest of us as we followed suit and began to get up.

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This Flat Earth

Lindsey Ferrentino is a young playwright who likes to wrestle with big subjects that give meaning to the space between life and death. In today’s political climate, she sees it as her calling. At Playwrights Horizons, This Flat Earth deals with a hot-button topic on front pages across the country. Eerily prescient, This Flat Earth explores what happens when middle schoolers caught up in tragic events, try to fix matters where grown-ups have failed them.

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The Lucky Ones

The folk/rock duo The Bengsons aren’t simply musicians or songwriters, deep in their souls they’re storytellers.  Not that there’s anything simple about being a musician or a songwriter.  But they also seem compelled to tell us the stories of their lives in a format that gives them more scope than a four minute song.  They are creating their own style of performance that is partly a concert, partly a theatrical piece, and totally engrossing. Commissioned by Ars Nova, The Lucky Ones is currently running at the Connelly Theater, explores Abigail Bengson’s family and upbringing.

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The Stone Witch

Shem Bitterman’s new play, The Stone Witch, is making it’s New York premiere at The Westside Theater with an absolutely gorgeous production that may be better than the play.

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Dido Of Idaho

EST’s Youngblood Program has nurtured another winner, double-threat Abby Rosebrock’s Dido Of Idaho.  Although the production could use a defter hand at the helm, the play takes surprising twists that turn our preconceptions upside down, and keeps us riveted to our seats.

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