Author: Donna Herman

The Stone Witch

Shem Bitterman’s new play, The Stone Witch, is making it’s New York premiere at The Westside Theater with an absolutely gorgeous production that may be better than the play.

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Dido Of Idaho

EST’s Youngblood Program has nurtured another winner, double-threat Abby Rosebrock’s Dido Of Idaho.  Although the production could use a defter hand at the helm, the play takes surprising twists that turn our preconceptions upside down, and keeps us riveted to our seats.

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“Mankind” is a biting, sarcastic look at the species and where we could be heading.  It will make you laugh and it will make you squirm.  And very likely you will find some fault with it.  But you should see it.  

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Awake and Sing!

On paper it seems like a good idea at the right time.  A revival of Clifford Odets’ 1935 classic Awake and Sing! about a struggling immigrant family in The Bronx, done in Yiddish, the language they would probably have spoken had they existed in real life. A no-brainer for the New Yiddish Rep since Awake and Sing! was the first Broadway play to focus entirely on a Jewish family.  And Clifford Odets was one of the first American playwrights to use, and become recognizable for ethnic language and street talk in his work.  The current production at the 14th St. Y through December 24th, has a Yiddish translation by Chaver Paver, but there are supertitles in English over the set that are easy to read.

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Describe the Night

Describe the Night, currently playing at Atlantic Theater Company’s Linda Gross Theater, is a question for which there is no answer.   Playwright Rajiv Joseph plays connect-the-dots with historical facts and figures spanning 90 years that might – or might not – have any connection, and asks us to see a familiar face in the resulting picture.  And while his pen is busy hopping all over the page, it’s kind of hard not to see a horrifyingly familiar image emerge from the seemingly random lines being drawn.

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