Author: Donna Herman

Hundred Days

I knew very little about Hundred Days at The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival when I went to see it the other night. I knew it was a concert-musical by The Bengsons, a folk-rock duo, about how they met and fell in love. When I got myself to the theater on the night of the first snowstorm of the season, and found out it was General Admission seating, I was not in a good mood. But there’s no doubt about it, Abigail is charming and Shaun is adorable. I defy anyone, even a grumpy critic, not to be moved by their curious and exhilarating blend of otherworldly folk and rousing rock music.

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Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

What’s tackier, using the phrase “Please refrain from wearing bright colors or bold patterns” on your same-sex wedding invitation, or ignoring the instructions as a guest? You won’t be able to leave the theater after seeing Drew Droege’s one man show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns at the Barrow Street Theater, without having answered the question for yourself.

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Nina Conti: In Your Face

Nina Conti: In Your Face, currently at The Barrow Street Theater, is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s also like nothing Nina Conti has ever seen – or done – before. Every night is different because it’s all improvised. And then there’s the monkey. The very cheeky monkey named, well…Monkey.

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The Band’s Visit

“The Band’s Visit” is a modern Middle-Eastern fairy tale of a musical. Based on the 2007 Israeli film by Eran Kolirin, the stage version has a book by Itamar Moses and music and lyrics by David Yazbak. Directed by the brilliant David Cromer, it’s being presented by The Atlantic Theater Company at their newly renovated Linda Gross Theater. These days it’s hard to find a quiet little spark of hope and humanity reflected at us from any direction, let alone the Middle East. So, I was delighted to find my tight muscles relaxing, and my smile growing as “The Band’s Visit” unfolded.

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“This Day Forward”

“This Day Forward” by Nicky Silver at The Vineyard Theater starts out more in “I Love Lucy” sitcom land, but winds up in dysfunctional family “August: Osage County” world. Which is a place most of his work at least visits, if not lodges in firmly. And it’s directed by Mark Brokaw who is a frequent navigator of the Silver waters.

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