Author: Constance Rodgers

Edward Albee’s AT HOME AT THE ZOO: Homelife & The Zoo Story

In 2001 Edward Albee wrote the drawing room one act play, Homelife, as an opening to, The Zoo Story, his 1958 brutal one act classic. Seeing The Zoo Story on it’s own you wonder why does Peter, an upper middle class publisher, husband and father stay in the park and interact with Jerry, a disenfranchised, loner and boarding house occupant. Homelife supplies the answer.

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By Constance Rodgers Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors is an intense theatrical essay on the attempted censorship and oppression of political artists whose works expose governmental injustices and hypocrisies. I say attempted, because thankfully we have brave philosopher/artists, who refuse to be censored, who resist living oppressed. Informed by it’s own experience of political oppression, Belarus Free Theatre created Burning Doors, from the harrowing stories of three artist, political prisoners, who in spite of the states classic and cowardly use of fear, imprisonment and torture continue to resist injustice, and express in full creativity their outrage at hypocrisy. These artist...

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