Author: Constance Rodgers


By Constance Rodgers Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors is an intense theatrical essay on the attempted censorship and oppression of political artists whose works expose governmental injustices and hypocrisies. I say attempted, because thankfully we have brave philosopher/artists, who refuse to be censored, who resist living oppressed. Informed by it’s own experience of political oppression, Belarus Free Theatre created Burning Doors, from the harrowing stories of three artist, political prisoners, who in spite of the states classic and cowardly use of fear, imprisonment and torture continue to resist injustice, and express in full creativity their outrage at hypocrisy. These artist...

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Would You Still Love Me If…

“Would You Still Love Me If…”dares to bring-up the topic of transgender vs. sexuality, and lets us think about it and does not tie everything about it into a pretty bow. Love is not enough, and can be deeply affected by the body we want to make love with, and who we want the world to see us sharing our life with.

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Rosario and The Gypsies

Cuban-American playwright Eduardo Machado expands his original one-act musical about a hippie theater troupe in the hazy days of revolutions – of all kinds – into a full-length musical that is is wonderful, fabulous, inspiring, funny and sad.

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