Month: March 2018

Richard III (an all female cast)

Reviewed by Raphael Badagliacca Ambitious, intelligent, unafraid, obsessed, no stranger to cunning, undaunted by obstacles, possessed by a talent for reading others… what does it take to play the part of Richard III? And by what factor must we ratchet up each of these character traits in a woman who would take on the challenge of this role?  Ask Katie Mack who gives us a brilliant, treacherous Richard in an all-female production of Shakespeare’s second longest play after Hamlet. We know from history that male actors played the female parts in Elizabethan England, and that those female characters are...

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Presumably a lot of people came to see Chris Evans — Captain America — with his shirt on and his Boy Scout halo a little dinged.  Evans plays a cop on the make in every sense.  He’s a terrific bastard.  You can’t like him, but you’ve met him.  (So, apparently, some movie stars can do Broadway in a small cast of pros, play against type and — you know — do it well.)

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Ersatz opera meets ersatz rock in a loud, at times cheesy, show that tries too hard, but in the end Rocktopia is good fun. If you like American Idol, that is. Just bring ear plugs!

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