Month: February 2017

If I Forget

The play flies by on the wings of lightning and thunder due to the smart, fast, clever, hilarious dialogue of Steven Levenson, the carefully choreographed staging of Daniel Sullivan and the amazing performances of this ensemble. Everyone is perfect…

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Wake Wakey

Will Eno’s new play, Wakey Wakey could easily be called Nightie Night because it is about a man named Guy (Michael Emerson) who is measuring out the last moments of his life. Emerson is recognizable from his television work (Lost, and Person of Interest), and here he does not disappoint. Would that the material itself held up as well.

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Dear World

For Jerry Herman fans, a rare chance to appreciate a mid-career work. But it is easy to understand how Dear World ran for 4 months on Broadway and was not seen in New York again, until now.

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By Raphael Badagliacca Theater is about risk-taking. If your play is about an actual person, the stakes are higher. If the span of your subject’s life is so recent that it overlaps the lives of members of your audience, then the stakes go even higher. If you dare to stage a fictional encounter designed to capture and express the essence of the human being, then all of your chips are on the table. Kunstler excels at every level, bringing alive not only a famous character, but the era in which he lived and the controversies in which he played...

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Sunday In The Park With George

This is doubtless going to become the hottest ticket in town, but you are nonetheless here encouraged to snag one by any means possible. I don’t want to overstate myself, but that would be difficult to do: this is a production for the ages, as good as it gets, a performance so exceptional, so overwhelming, you might be lucky enough to see something like it once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

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