Month: December 2016

2016 Critics’ Picks

READ OUR CRTICS’ PICS for 2016 – Look, the theatre is a temple. It is a living breathing entity that grabs you like no other art form. You do not sit idly by and observe. It requires you to breath in concert with the performers. And when it all works, it is little short of a communion.

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Sandra Bernhard’s Sandra Monica Blvd: Coast to Coast

After seeing Sandra Bernhard at Joe’s Pub, you can’t help but be reflective. I waled out wondering – what is so appealing about about watching an icon? There is a familiarity of course. But is it who they are or who they know? After all, it is only 2 degrees of separation. Sandra Bernhard knew Sue Mengers, (recently portrayed by Bette Midler in ‘ll East you Last) the infamous Hollywood agent, and Mengers knew everyone. So by watching Bernhard are we actually connected to Barbra Streisand?

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Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

What’s tackier, using the phrase “Please refrain from wearing bright colors or bold patterns” on your same-sex wedding invitation, or ignoring the instructions as a guest? You won’t be able to leave the theater after seeing Drew Droege’s one man show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns at the Barrow Street Theater, without having answered the question for yourself.

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Foster is so good at everything, one might miss her deft comedic gifts. Her clowning rivals that of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett, and Allison Janney. There is a sequence where she hangs over a clothing-rack, eating a sandwich, that blows a sexy seduction scene off the stage.

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SWEAT begins on Broadway March 4th

BEGINS PERFORMANCES AT BROADWAY’S STUDIO 54 ON MARCH 4 “America needs SWEAT. We’ve been thrilled by the voracious appetite that audiences at The Public have had for Lynn Nottage’s masterpiece, and are thrilled that it will continue its life on Broadway. No piece I know captures in such brilliant and absorbing particulars the drama and fury of Americans who feel left behind in our new economy. We need to listen to these voices with openness and compassion; SWEAT allows us to do just that, in a brilliantly theatrical way.” Oskar Eustis Artistic Director of The Public Theater   Tickets for the Broadway production of SWEAT will go...

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