Month: September 2016

The Trial of an American President

The time is the present.  2016.  And we have been invited by our Narrator into the Hague where international trials covering war crimes of all natures are conducted.  Tonight’s guest is George W. Bush (Tony Carlin) who has consented to show up and face three charges: the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003; for the U.S. of Fallujah in 2004; and for Bush’s approval of torture.  The prosecutor and Narrator outline all the facts, which pretty much blame the state of the world and the emergence of ISIS on George Bush.  While that make perfect sense to me, it lacks punch or a sense of drama here.  It is a litany only. 

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What Did You Expect? Play Two Of The Gabriels: Election Year In The Life Of One Family

And there you have it. Money is tight in The Gabriel homestead in Rhinebeck, and the reason that Melville rewrote Moby Dick after an encounter with Hawthorne is a mystery. There is also some conversation about the art of costuming. And the ongoing saga of the weekend people vs. the Townies. Oh, yes, the upright Beckstein piano is up for sale. And in the final moments the family muses on the upcoming debates and hopes that Hillary comes across as “human.”

This is casual, intimate conversation that families often share on an evening that is not remarkable in any way. Like the unremarkable evening it chronicles, this play is also unremarkable in every way.

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This is our second time seeing a Mobile Unit production and I am glad to have such an important Company in our city.

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