HOT at Dixon Place


Crowned “The BEST LGBTQ Theater Festival in New York!” by The Village Voice, HOT! returns to Dixon Place for its 23rd annual celebration of Queer Culture! HOT!, the oldest annual festival of its kind in the world, never stales as its fresh line-up continues to deliver innovative works in theater, music, dance, puppetry, performance art & homoeroticism for the whole family! Festival runs from July 5 – August 2, so get your tickets today!

Below are some Press Preview sound bites by Alice Klugherz

DIAGHILESQUE by Arrie Davidson/Faux Pas Le Fae co-founder/Artistic Director of KineticArchitecture
Swans in a private ritual: each one a beauty in gorgeous costumes by Lori Gassi. With a performance by its creator that weaves through the piece and cuts to the quick with an image so expansive and contained it gets you in the gut.

REVENGE OF THE POPINJAY written and performed by Anthony Johnston Co-Created and Directed by Nathan Schwartz produced by AnimalParts – a fast talking regular guy starting a movement that might not include me…just making it a club I wana join! Listen up, get healed and scolded. 

NOMINEE Written and Performed by Danielle Abrams directed by Ryn Hodes – from the personal to the wider taller puppet view Ms Abrams starts us in a navel gazing art colony and brings in the world.

DANDY DARKLY’S PUSSY PANIC! Written and Performed by Dandy Darkly directed by Ian Bjorklund – white frosting with eatable pearls – faster than a speeding bullet – a vaginal wonderland.

FEAR CITY/FUN CITY A theatrical concert and play with music. Music and Text by Kate Foster and Anna Gothard- Additional Music by Jayne Quan, Mark Oaks, Akie Bermiss — Beautiful voices that talk – enfolding the song into a story & vice versa – where the main course might be the song and the talk is the desert, both equally delicious. Don’t assume what she’s talking about – hang on to their every word.

Author: Alice Jane Klugherz

Alice Klugherz has been part of the Downtown dance and performance scene since the 80’s. Her docu-whimsey (talk/move) work has been part of PS 122's Avant-Garde-Arama, Dance Theatre Workshop's FRESH TRACKS, LaMama Club, Wet and Performance Mix. She also appears in the work of others, most recently in Mark Dendy’s NEWYORKnewyork@Astor Place performed at Joe’s Pub. She is a regular reader at Cornelia St Cafe, Big Irv's and Stacy's Salon.

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