The Quick and Dirties: Q4 – New Play Series


TITLE: The Quick and Dirties: Q4

DATES: May 28th, 2014 – June 7th, 2014

TIMES: 8:00pm, Wednesdays – Saturdays

LOCATION: The Sheen Center, 18 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012


CONTACT: Nick Leavens, Artistic Director,

New York, NY – |the claque| (Nick Leavens, Founder/Artistic Director), New York’s favorite arts and performance conglomerate, is proud to announce its fourth annual production of The Quick and Dirties (The QuaDs): Q4, playing at The Sheen Center in late May and early June of 2014.

The Quick and Dirties is a play series that focuses on plays that are past the point of developmental readings but are not yet ready for full production. The playwrights of the four selected full-length plays and over 40 other theatre artists will engage in a collaborative effort to pump the plays up to their fullest potential. Each play receives a two-week-long rehearsal intensive, design elements, a full creative team and two public showings at The Sheen Center.

This year’s workshops are:

Playgrounds by Sarah Sander, directed by Kareem Fahmy, and starring Aimee Cucchiaro, Rebecca Hart, Heather Hollingsworth, and Socorro Santiago. (Wednesday, May 28th and Friday, May 30th @ 8:00pm)

American Girls by Eric Dufault, directed by John Giampietro, and starring Molly Carden, Lucy DeVito, Katherine Folk-Sullivan, Emma Galvin, Layla Khoshnoudi, and Ann Talman. (Thursday, May 29th and Saturday, May 31st @ 8:00pm)

Ironbound by Martyna Majok, directed by Danya Taymor, and starring Danny Binstock, Alex Grubbs, Jake Horowitz, and Sarah Sokolovic. (Wednesday, June 4th and Friday, June 6th @ 8:00pm)

Okay, Bye. by Joshua Conkel, directed by Liz Carlson, and starring Darcy Fowler and Megan Hill. (Thursday, June 5th and Saturday, June 7th @ 8:00pm)

Tickets are $5 for each workshop and available to purchase at this link:

A cornerstone of this developmental process is the playwrights’ retreat. All four selected playwrights, their directors and a few selected artists attended a three-day retreat organized by |the claque| to delve deep into the plays and strengthen them through collaboration.

Not only do the QuaDs benefit the playwrights and artists directly involved, they serve as a resource for the greater artistic community. |the claque| brings together collaborators of all sorts in an open space for discussion, debate, and inspiration. The QuaDs currently has an alumni base of nearly 250 theater artists in New York, and the number grows with each year.

Ticket availability and detailed casting information will be released in May.


|the claque| believes good work deserves support, and sees to it that great work gets it.


Tulis McCall

Author: Tulis McCall

For my money, the theatre is up there in the ten top reasons to be human. I leave my home and go sit in a dark room with complete strangers and watch actors do their stuff because I want to be inspired. I’m asking to be involved. I’m volunteering to be led down any old path they choose as long as they don’t let go of my hand. And if I see a show, and it is NOT so very good – I will try to divert you, because I don’t want you to come to the temple when the preaching isn’t up to snuff. I will bar the door, I will swing from rafters, I will yell FIRE just to set your feet on a path that does not lead to disappointment. Do something different with your evening I will say. Save your money for dinner with a friend you haven’t seen in months because you are too frigging busy. Go take a walk with your dog or your child or your significant other. Go to bed early, I will say. Don’t come to the theatre when it is less than it can be. I’m an usher snob, and that’s all there is to it.

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