Sakina’s Restaurant Score 70%

Sakina’s Restaurant

Early on in Sakina’s Restaurant, Aasif Mandvi – both author and sole actor – is a narrator, Azgi, who a recent arrival to America from India.  Soon after he gets here he tells us, I have found that in America, if you just smile and nod your head, and say “yes, yes, yes, you are absolutely right” people love you!   This is pretty much how this play is structured.  There is a lot of yes, yes, yes as we empathize with these characters’ journeys.  There is not, however, some specific element that ties them all together, other than their heritage.

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Your Invisible Corset Score 90%

Your Invisible Corset

It’s not a spoiler, I hope, to tell you that sane reality triumphs over a shrouded monster whose goal is to conquer the world through deception and bloody seduction which creates in its victims a mindless loyalty.

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All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station Score 75%

All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station

All Roads Lead to the Kurski Station could serve as a cautionary tale about alcohol abuse and is at its best when it plays with Vienya’s, and Russia’s, impressive alcohol use. Everything that happens to Vienya is in his mind, sometimes during the process of getting wasted, sometimes while passed out, sometimes hungover. There is nothing delusional or pretty about Vienya’s hallucinations

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HOPE Score 97%


…. this was, is and always will be the unbelievable clever talent I expect of Salas – she can disappear so deeply into a character that we think someone else is in the room. It’s mind-blowing magic.

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Midnight at the Never Get Score 80%

Midnight at the Never Get

If the reason you go to musicals is for the musical numbers, “Midnight at the Never Get,” presented by the York Theatre Company, is a sure bet.  The songs are absolutely gorgeous – every single one of them.  The music and lyrics are written by Mark Sonnenblick, winner of a 2018 Jonathan Larson Grant.  Set in an illegal, underground gay cabaret in Greenwich Village in the mid to late 1960’s, the songs are reminiscent of the Great American Songbook with clever, moving lyrics and haunting, hummable melodies.

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Hitler’s Tasters Score 95%

Hitler’s Tasters

What does it mean to live with death? Every day? Three times a day? Your own death? Your own potential death? And you are only a girl. A teenager. A ridiculously hopeful playful teenager.

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Herb Alpert and Lani Hall at the Cafe Carlyle Score 97%

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall at the Cafe Carlyle

To say that Herb Alpert is iconic is to understate the impact he has had on music, both as a musician and a producer.  In all of his work, his art, his sound, his philanthropy, he has remained unabashedly idealistic.  In difficult these times, his spirit is exactly the tonic we all need.  You must see this show – it will make your heart happy.

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