The True Score 92%

The True

Our current President may have gotten elected by promising to “drain the swamp,” but when it comes to corruption, DC has nothing on Albany, NY’s long-standing reputation for misdeeds. But Sharr White’s riveting new play “The True,” set in 1977 during the penultimate mayoral campaign of Erastus Corning II’s (Michael McKean) 40+ years in office, brushes aside the corruption whispers.  Instead, the picture painted by his chief fixer and confidant, Polly Noonan (Edie Falco), is a Democratic Party with heart, that cares. And expects loyalty in the voting booth in return.

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The Age of Innocence Score 95%

The Age of Innocence

In 1870s New York, the people at the top of society lived by a rigid set of rules. When young lawyer Newland Archer contemplates throwing everything away to satisfy his desire for his wife’s beautiful cousin, the Countess Olenska, they both know there would be a terrible price to pay.

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