We Live By the Sea Score 83%

We Live By the Sea

A captivating examination of an autistic girl’s struggles. Yes, we are transported, but rather than forgetting we are sitting in a theater, we are instead transformed into make-believe characters.

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Mlima’s Tale Score 97%

Mlima’s Tale

On the night I saw this show there was a collective intake of breath as the show faded to black.  The only reason we did not stand and cheer these performers was that we could barely move at all.  So completely had Mlima’s Tale captured us that we forgot where we were. Mlima’s Tale is a play not to be missed.

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Carousel Score 90%


If you’ve never seen Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Carousel” – just go. And frankly, if you have, I don’t have to tell you to go to the current revival, you probably already have your ticket. Good work. Rodgers & Hammerstein are credited with creating the modern musical and this is their sophomore offering. It’s got some of the greatest songs in musical theater, it deals with real issues, not just fluff, and it’s moving without being maudlin.

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Steve Tyrell at the Café Carlyle Score 90%

Steve Tyrell at the Café Carlyle

Loaded with Texan charm, Steve Tyrell brings a relaxed style to his performance of everything from jazz standards to the music of the 60s and beyond. What a pleasure to see a performer be himself, rather than trying to fit someone else’s lesser mold.

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The Edge of Our Bodies Score 60%

The Edge of Our Bodies

I had a unique experience at Adam Rapp’s The Edge of Our Bodies.  The audience, myself included, couldn’t figure out if the play was over.  The actors didn’t come out for a curtain call, and when the polite applause died down, everyone sat quietly.  For several long minutes, until one brave young woman got up and dashed towards the door.  A low rumble of uneasy laughter flitted through the rest of us as we followed suit and began to get up.

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Miss you Like Hell Score 75%

Miss you Like Hell

Miss You Like Hell, now at the The Public’s Newman Theater is an ambitious piece. It is a classic hero’s journey.  In a way – and I mean this sincerely – it is like The Wizard of Oz.  One person sets off on a quest and along the way she gathers her tribe to support her, to teach her, and, finally, to guide her home.

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